Welcome to Taxonomic Revision of Fern Genus Tectaria Cav. (Tectariaceae) in Thailand

The fern genus Tectaria Cav. is belonged to the family Tectariaceae Panigrahi. Previously, 25 species were enumerated in the Pteridophyte Flora of Thailand. It was found that this genus has a great number of variations in both vegetative and reproductive features. In the last 10 years, some new records, new species and new combinations were added to the Thai Flora. So far, key-to-species and descriptions are not relevant with the morphology of the present known species. This study aims to revise the genus Tectaria in Thailand by examining morphological and anatomical structures of the existing species as well as the coming new taxa. Then, key-to-species and new descriptions will be prepared. A basic information obtains from this study can be used for classification and identification of the genus Tectaria in Thailand as well as Southeast Asia. Moreover, research on utilization of this fern genus can be promoted in the future.

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